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[ The Tsun ] : Bibi, age? that's a secret till we get to know each other more, Mexican /American, living in the United States, future aesthetics. I am a very friendly person and I LOVE to make friends so please do not be shy to come and talk to me~ Oh and fare warning when I get comfortable around you I start acting like a Tsun~
[ My Page ] : This first started out as my personal blog ( well still is my personal blog ) just recently I started to post up my edits on here now. c:
[ Hobbies ] : Playing video games, reading, editing, day dreaming, and my all time favorite ROLE PLAYING!!
[ Obsession ] : The Walking Dead, Supernatural, Black ops ( mostly Zombies ), Monogatari series, art, History, and of course Anime and Manga.
[ Bands/Artist ] : Dance Gavin Dance, Drop Dead Gorgeous, Lady Gaga, La Dispute, Katy Perry, Breathe Carolina, Cascada, Dj Sharpnel, Vocaloid, Hollywood Undead, Utada Hikari, Millionaries, Neon Trees, None Like joshua, and ALLOT more!!
[ Want to know more? ] : Don't be shy my ask box is open! :D